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Declaration on the Sustainable Development Strategy

Categorie: | Data: 2021-04-21

The vision of our group of companies is based on respect for customers, partners, and employees, as well as care for nature and the environment in which we work. Since its establishment, we have aimed to develop a solid organization, with clear, transparent, and motivating working principles. We thus managed to have an evolution that ensured us in an optimal term an active and representative presence on the quality wines market. During this period, a strong team was created, welded, and open to new challenges, a team that imposed a new name in the market, but at the same time strong, serious, and respected by customers and suppliers as well as by competitors and the local community.
In this context, since 2020 we have actively and consciously joined those who want and take measures for sustainable development, to respond to new challenges that are manifesting around the world (climate change, combating poverty, depleting resources, protecting biodiversity, etc. )

The premises from which we started are in line with the strategy developed by the OIV (ie the International Wine Organization), a strategy that transposes the objectives of sustainable development into business processes according to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (https: //www.un .org / sustainable development / sustainable-development-goals /).

To achieve these goals, we will continue to rely on the decisive factor, the Budureasca team, and for this, we build a safe and healthy working environment, which will be achieved by eliminating dangers and risks, with the active involvement of all. Budureasca is committed to creating a work environment conducive to multidirectional communication and promotes gender equality.

Budureasca strongly believes in the principles of sustainable development and will proceed accordingly to ensure the protection of the environment, respectively soil, water and air, biodiversity and landscape, ie those elements in which it carries out most of its activity. In order to achieve this goal, we will do much more than the legal provisions in the field of environmental protection required. Here we refer to the extension of the use of biological plant protection products, to alternative control options for diseases and pests, as well as the almost complete reduction of the use of herbicides.
We are considering reducing the consumption of water used for phytosanitary treatments, which will be achieved by investing in equipment that halves water consumption and irrigation projects that will ensure low consumption through new technologies.

Given the fact that grape production is closely linked to the soil, we will consider adapting the range of machines and equipment to allow healthy management of the soil, by avoiding its compaction and degradation. We will keep as many green spaces as possible on the sloping places, we will restore and keep the existing land improvement networks.

We aim to continue the development of a product portfolio that includes organic products, thus allowing consumers access to organic products.
Pollution prevention, resource conservation, and waste reduction are other important directions for the group. We want to accelerate progress in this regard throughout our supply chain through the way reusable materials are managed, setting a zero-waste target.

Reducing our carbon footprint over the next 5 years is one of our core goals. By streamlining Q energy in our units, investing in concepts capable of conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we aim to ensure at least 50% of electricity consumption from renewable energy sources.
Health and well-being are a priority for Budureasca, both in terms of our employees and the communities in which we work. We are considering improving health and safety procedures, conducting customized internal programs aimed at the emotional, social, physical, and financial well-being of employees, ensuring access to medical services for all employees by providing health insurance.

Investment in education, personal and professional development are included in the group’s business strategy and in our mission to stimulate the growth of employees and the communities in which we operate. We support organizational growth through dedicated programs for development, learning throughout professional activities, but also through investigations and sponsorships that meet community educational needs.

Within the Group we have codes, policies, and insurance processes that do not help to define how we can protect the environment. Rational consumption of materials and orientation towards the use of recyclable materials if / or recycled are important aspects that we take into account, including the management of the consumption of materials necessary to carry out activities.

Sustainability is, therefore, part of our business model, so we do not want each of them to support this policy and actively participate in the programs initiated by the company. We will work with suppliers, partners, customers, and governmental, non-governmental, and community organizations to protect and improve health, technological progress, and environmental protection, and we assure you that we will investigate for Budureasca to become a strong member and partner in communities, a company that brings value to Romania by protecting the planet’s resources.

The Board of Directors of Budureasca through Dragos Vasile