Romanian Noble Wines

Why Budureasca Wines?

Our goal at Budureasca vineyards is very clear – to use the great climate and soil we've been blessed with in our vineyards located in Dealu Mare, Romania, in order to create the best wines that we can.

Whether it's the vine workers who hand-pick the ripe grapes from our vineyards, or our winemaker, who masterfully creates and perfects the wine, we are all in the end motivated by the same desire. To offer our customers wines of the highest quality, with every bottle from every one of our 17 wine collections.

The proof of this shared ideal lies in the over 300 international medals obtained at the biggest and most important competitions in the wine industry (such as Decanter, Mondial de Bruxelles, Wine Enthusiast, Berliner Wein Trophy, and others), many of these medals being first-time performances for Romanian wines.

No matter what wine you will choose – the young & fresh wines from our Classic range, the sweet and fruity Bristena, our Premium collection, our best Origini, and Noble wines, or maybe our Organic range – we hope you will find in each bottle our passion and love for winemaking. This is what motivates us every day.

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Vine in Flames

The Vine in Flames collection was created especially for the international market.

All wines in this range are dry, bringing out the best characteristics of each grape variety. The reds, in particular, are matured in oak barrels for at least six months to gain complexity and structure. Then they are aged in the bottle for at least for extra months before their release on the market. Many of the wines which are part of this collection have won numerous medal at the most important wine competitions.

The name of this range is inspired by the old Dacian Legend of Burebista, the king who burnt his famous and sought after vineyards, protecting his territories so that foreign attackers wouldn't want to invade Dacia.

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We introduced the Budureasca Premium Collection for the wine connoisseurs who love refined wines full of character. This collection was created especially for the HoReCa segment.

The fusion of Old World and New World styles brings out the best characteristics in each wine, enriching them with finesse and complexity. Most of the wines in this range, especially the red ones, are aged in oak barrels for a minimum of six months. After bottling, they bottle aged for an extra four months before finally being approved for consumption by our winemaker.

Our Premium range is also our most awarded collection. Many of the wines have won gold medals at the most prestigious competitions, such as Decanter, Mondial de Bruxelles, and others.

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This collection is intended to bring together only exquisite blends, and Noble 5 is the first cuvee launched in this range. All wines are matured in oak barrels for no less than 12 full months before our winemaker, Stephen Donnelly, carefully crafts these noble grape varieties together, producing enviable, award winning wines.

Noble 5 gets its name from the five noble grape varieties which form this wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is the King, with his commanding presence and bold tannins. Pinot Noir is the Queen with her beautifuk bouquet of forest fruits. Merlot is the eldest Prince, with well rounded taste and long finish. Syrah is the youngest Prince, with lively aromas and a hint of black pepper. Feteasca Neagra is the Princess, charismatic, soft and elegant.

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Origini is our super-premium brand, representing a selection of unique and elegant wines, that faithfully express the character of Budureasca vineyards.

Only the very good grapes are chosen, usually those that have great ageing potential. They are manually picked and sorted rom plots where the climatic conditions, soil and sunlight are ideal to give full bodied wines of unique character.

The red Origini wines are aged for a minimum 12 months in oak barrels originating from different parts of the world to increase their complexity and structure.

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The wines from Budureasca Organic Collection are produced only in limited quantity, after a series of ecologically certified processes.

In obtaining these fine organic wines, we have chosen to use only the natural elements given to us by Mother Earth in the form of soil, water, air, and sunlight.These are the only “ingredients”, naturally harnessed in order to obtain grapes of the purest quality, without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical substances.

Everything starts with the vine leaf. Then the grapes become must, and later wine, capturing the touch of its creators. And, in the end, the winemakers perfect the wine with a piece of their heart and soul.

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The quality of our wines is confirmed by over 300 gold, silver, and bronze medals obtained at prestigious international events, of great significance in the wine industry, such as Decanter World Wine Awards, Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine and Spirit Competition, Berlin Wine Trophy, Wine Enthusiast, and many others.

Whether we are talking about the gold medal we obtained at Decanter (the first ever for a Romanian wine), or about the great gold mmedal received at Bruxelles, our wines continue to impress at some of the most exigent international events, thus adding great value to Romania’s image as a premium wines producer.

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